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Zhuoxin Law Firm (“Zhuoxin”) is one of the larger-scale comprehensive law firms in China. Since its establishment in 1999 in Guangzhou, Zhuoxin has been gradually building recognition.


Lawyers of Zhuoxin are all graduated from top domestic and oversea law schools, some of which have arbitrators, tax accountants, economists, accountants, engineers and other professional titles and relevant work experience as well.

Practice Areas

Zhuoxin’s well-trained and experienced team of lawyers has provided a full range of legal services in difference areas.

As the only representative of Guangdong law firms, Zhuoxin has joined ADVOC and TAGLaw, two worldwide alliances of independent law firms, in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Zhuoxin aims to provide high quality legal service to all around the world.


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Looking for your first job in law or making a mid-career move? We welcome persons with academic credentials, demonstrated writing abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to community service, and great interpersonal skills.

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E-mail: guangzhou@zhuoxinlaw.com

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Practice Areas
Labor and Employment

For most enterprises and investors, how to deal with labor and employment issues could be crucial to their development and reputation. Therefore, legal support from experienced lawyers is always necessary, not only to employers, but also to employees.  

ZHUOXIN has put an emphasis on the labor law practice, and through efforts in these years, a mature labor law service system has been built up in ZHUOXIN, in order to meet the demands of companies in legal risk control and human resource management, as well as to satisfy various requirements of employees. ZHUOXIN is an expert in dealing with legal issues relating to contract management, human resource, confidentiality and administration, by helping those companies successfully establish an effective management system to reduce human costs and labor disputes and helping protect legitimate benefits of employees.  

Moreover, lawyers in ZHUOXIN have been repeatedly invited to give out speeches in diversified lectures and seminars hosted by Guangdong Investment Promotion Agency, the Law Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services, Dongguan Productivity Promotion Center, etc., in which they share personal practice experience and theoretical research with the public.